Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Become Buddhist + Vegan at Books & Books

First of all, let's get one thing very clear: we love Books & Books.

From their amazing café that boasts some of the most delicious and healthy food in the 305 to their expertly curated selection of books... we just cannot say enough.

Cue their amazing lecture and event series. This week you can not only learn the 101 of becoming Buddhist, you can also get the 411 on making a vegan lifestyle do-able.

This Thursday (08/16) Master Chufei Tsai (of Zen Village) will be conducting a class on the basics of Buddhism. To put it bluntly,

"If you’re curious about Buddhism but feel intimidated by all the exotic jargon and strange trappings, this class is for you."

For more information on the Buddhist break down click here.

For the next two Saturdays (08/18 & 08/25) L.J. Steinig will remove the veils from veganism in a two part series designed to,

"Make the transition to the vegan lifestyle easier than you might have thought."

Considering that L.J. is one of our favorite tweeps, we'll trust in those big words given that every attempt we've made at veganism has left us binge eating cheeseburgers at Yellow Green Farmers Market while we cry alone into our coconut water.

Needless to say, we've already purchased front row seats and splurged on a backstage pass*.

Also, how could we pass up the opportunity to find out if that wicked veggie tattoo sleeve is real?!? We've been taking bong hits all afternoon while zooming in and out of this photo (pictured right) to try to figure it out.

It'sReal, It'sNotReal. It'sReal, It'sNotReal. It'sReal, It'sNotReal. It'sReal, It'sNotReal.

Click here for the deets on the vegan workshop and make sure to follow her like we do on twitter. 

See you at Books & Books yogis!!

*And by "backstage pass" we mean waiting for her in the parking lot for her to arrive/leave in the least creepiest way possible. We get mistaken for a homeless person all the time so you'll never know if we're there. You'll. Never. Know.

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