Monday, November 3, 2014

LOVE LOCAL: Harpke Family Farm in Dania Beach

This past weekend we were sitting in our booth at Basil Park having breakfast and we couldn't stop admiring these glass vases filled with microgreens. Like to the point that our waiter noticed. We asked where we could buy one and he brought us a business card for Harpke Family Farm. Score.

We immediately commenced stalking them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They seem like our kind of peeps - and they are heavily involved with supplying the goods to Basil Park, our new favorite spot in Sunny Isles Beach.

And now they can be your peeps, too. You may enroll in their CSA program or learn more about them in general here. They have a lecture series. They are inspired. And we are really, really glad they are part of the community and not located way out west or south like most of the good local farms.

Oh, and it gets better... They have bees!! They specialize in micro greens and micro herbs!! AND EDIBLE FLOWERS!!!

You can contact them here -and make sure to because we want to show them some major love!!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014 Miami Yogis!

Happy Halloween!! After a real bad experience at the Delano penthouse a few years back that involved a 6 foot blow-up Shamu and a painted on pair of 6-pack of abs, we avoid celebrating this holiday.

Plus, we're fresh off of a session with our energy healer and he told us we've been scaring our inner child - so no spooky times for us tonight.

So while we're home meditating on important, spiritually evolving things, like, "why isn't there a taco emoji?", you can be out doing whatever it is that yoga people do on Halloween.

We aren't sure what that is but we are sure that it will involve LOTS of costumed yoga selfies being posted on the interwebs.

There's cool yoga stuff happening soon. We will post about it soon. Take care now, bye bye then!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miami Beach Iyengar Center Opens on Normandy Drive

Returning to the Bayside casa this afternoon following an amazing lunch at Basil Park, a new yoga studio that has been catching our eye, located just before the Shucker's Causeway, reminded us that maybe it's time to post about this place.

Miami Beach Iyengar Yoga Center quietly opened on Normandy Drive sometime over the past few months.

We know absolutely nothing about this place that you cannot discover for yourselves online. (This is a very enlightening post, we know.)

You can click here for what looks like the staff and here for the class schedule.

We used to take some Iyengar classes back in the day. That was until... the incident.

We won't get into too much detail but it involved an Iyengar teacher from West Palm that crunched us into Marichyasana D without our energetic consent. The last thing we remember before blacking out is her diamond encrusted OM symbol necklace flashing before us, much like our ability to hopefully be able to feel from the waist down again one day.

Don't worry, she's not on the Miami Beach Iyengar's instructor list so you, dear yogis, have nothing to fear. Support our local studios and take a class here. We have a place right there on the the beach so maybe we'll see you there. We'll be the ones having OM symbol necklace flashbacks in the corner.

Namaste :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Aim True with Kathryn Budig at Bayfront Park

Yassss!!! Kathryn Budig is finally coming to Miami!!!

Repping for Under Armour's #IWillWhatIWant, Ms. (soon to be Mrs.) Budig will be at Bayfront Park on Saturday, September 27th. The event begins at 8 am and runs until 11 am. For details on how the show will go on click here.

Kathryn is one of our most favorite yogis out there right now. She's just so darn likable. Like, the kind of yogi we want to be friends with and whoops! drink a whole bottle of wine with (whoops maybe two!).

We would continue to gush but it's day two of a green juice fast for us and things are a little hazy and we don't want to take it too far. So, big smiles for this event! Pack up your yogi gear and flock to Bayfront Park, yogis!!

We are wondering if she's giving any classes/workshops in any of the local studios? What hotel is she staying at and can we buy her a drink? We will do some detective work and get back to you.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

'May I Be Happy' Signing at Books & Books in the Gables

There are yoga teachers, and then there are yoga teachers. Cyndi Lee is a yoga teacher. We're talking household name status.

So, it is with great pleasure that we welcome her to Books & Books in Coral Gables for a signing of her memoir, 'MAY I BE HAPPY: A Memoir of Love, Yoga and Changing My Mind' on Thursday, September 18th at 8pm.

Click here for more details.

It is our yogic duty to show up and support one of the founders of what we know as "yoga" today. We completely agree with B&B's statement:

"Few yoga teachers have connected with their students on the level of Cyndi Lee, who, in her prolific career, has completely redefined what it means to be a teacher in modern yoga culture."

Click here jump to the Books & Books website. Click here to buy her book online.

Be there or be square, yogis. Namaste.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eat to Live & Live to Eat at Basil Park in Sunny Isles

We've been hearing through the yogi grapevine that there's a place in Sunny Isles that will satisfy both hardcore vegans and meat eaters, alike.

We found this hard to believe. After weeks of hint dropping and nudging to the better half of Namaste Miami, we finally made the voyage to Basil Park last night in Sunny Isles.

Our compass is forever now pointed in their direction.

Raw Vegan options = true. Healthy vegetarian options = true. Options for those who crave the flesh and blood of living creatures = true.

True, true, true. When we say go here now, we mean GO HERE NOW THIS PLACE IS FRICKIN' AMAZE-FALAFEL BALLS!!!

Our haul included the sprouted falafel, tuna tiradito, mussels and local fish tacos. Our cups runneth over with Malbac & a white we can't remember the name of... full menu here.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Free Classes this Weekend at Bikram Hot Yoga 305

Pic via Miami New Times
Thank you, Miami New Times, for alerting us to the opening of Bikram Hot Yoga 305 this weekend in South Miami. You, dear yogis, can take free classes there all weekend to celebrate their soft opening, so grab your booty shorts, a yogi toes towel and voyage South to this new hot yoga oasis.

You will be greeted with walls decorated by local artists and a studio owner who will do more than get you ass up in down dog - she'll have you dropping it, too - Carolina Villalba is one of the chicas from rap duo, Basside.

After following the link to Basside's Soundcloud we are now rocking out in Yoganidrasana questioning our moral compass. The last time we rapped everyone just thought we were a homeless person yelling at a pigeon. True story.

Any-tittibasana, here is the link to the full article on the MNT website.

Namaste, yogis.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ridin' Purdy - Sunset Harbor Community Bike Ride

The cool kids of Miami have always had a special place in their heart chakras for Purdy Ave. Especially if they remember the hood before it was filled with high-end stuffs.

Now that we've all grown up a bit, we go to Sunset Harbor (not to smoke and drink ourselves to death) nay, dear reader. We go there for cold pressed juices for our cleanse and cold brewed coffee. And acupuncture.

And this afternoon you will go there for a community bike ride with the cool kids from Purdy Ave. The group meets at 7:15 pm at the marina. Wear your Purdy Ave gear. Ride into the sunset.

Click here to RSVP to the event. It's free.

We really like these tshirts. The third eye caught our eye in what we are sure is clear, direct communication from the Illuminati.

Message received.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Say "Adiós" to Synergy Yoga on Española Way...

...and "¡Hola!" to their new location on Alton Road.

It is with a heavy heart and we type with a heavy hand while we come to terms with the news that Synergy Yoga on Española Way will be closing the doors in September. Womp. Womp.

They are being pushed out of their location due to sky rocking rent prices and it is with this that we are shaking our head with disappointment.

You have permission to commence the boycott of Española Way immediately, yogis. 

Something you may not know is that in a past life we worked on the second floor next to Synergy back. in. the. day. when the hostel was still across the street. Many afternoons spent being entertained by the tourists doing crazy things on the balconies.  *le sigh*

The good news is that they will be upgrading their space to a new 2nd floor location on 8th and Alton Road.

From Victoria,
"We invite everyone to share these times of Transformation with us and to say good bye to the center in Espanola way as we embrace our new location. I know we shared incredible moments there, but it is time to move forward and upgrade! Our new location is on 844 Alton Road, and we will be doing an opening in September 8th and a Grand Opening with a Super Celebration on October 1st, everyone is Invited! Our new center has its own Parking in the back, and a Garden for us to gather and mingle in the best Yogic way! Also besides the 2 Yoga rooms and our Healing room we will also have a beautiful bathroom with a Shower. On top of all these wonderful things, we will be serving you fresh Juices , ready after your class! It's a new era at Synergy Yoga with lots of improvements and the same loving and authentic teachers. Changes are not easy but they are always for the better, for sure. Join us at this new location!"

We will keep you posted on details of the new space as they roll out. It is your yogic duty to support them.

Peace, out! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

YOGA + SPA + GARDEN DINNER at The Palms Hotel

Your Wednesday evenings just got booked for the rest of the summer.

The Palms Hotel in Miami Beach is now having midweek yoga sessions followed by food harvested from the in-house restaurant, Essensia's, garden.

Oh, and did we mention that it also happens to be Miami Spa Month? Make an entire evening of it by selecting a spa service from their menu.

This just sounds delightful. One Total Body Rejuvenation? Yes, please! Holy, Gomukhasana - a Warm Oil Infusion Scalp Massage?? That's more action than we've seen in years!!

I wonder if they can perform that one if you have massive dreads? Thoughts?

Nom, Nom, Nom-aste, yogis :)