Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anusara's John Friend in Miami this Week

Ah, Valentine's Day. A day celebrating the joy of love. So what better to post about than yoga's own current Casanova, John Friend, who will be presenting workshops in Miami throughout the weekend.  Click here for the schedule.

We're planning on attending at least one of the sessions, providing we can pull ourselves out of Miami International Boat Show's Champagne-induced Samadhi.

Plus, we'd like to ask John a few important questions, like, where to score some green or where the best strip clubs are tonight. So John, we'd like to give you a warm welcome to our sunny city full of shady people because you're going to fit right in. It's not like our standards are that high, either.

Providing the Anusara mafia doesn't place us in a pair of cement Toe Sox in the bay over the next few days, we'll catch up with you later this week. Namaste.

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