Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Aim True with Kathryn Budig at Bayfront Park

Yassss!!! Kathryn Budig is finally coming to Miami!!!

Repping for Under Armour's #IWillWhatIWant, Ms. (soon to be Mrs.) Budig will be at Bayfront Park on Saturday, September 27th. The event begins at 8 am and runs until 11 am. For details on how the show will go on click here.

Kathryn is one of our most favorite yogis out there right now. She's just so darn likable. Like, the kind of yogi we want to be friends with and whoops! drink a whole bottle of wine with (whoops maybe two!).

We would continue to gush but it's day two of a green juice fast for us and things are a little hazy and we don't want to take it too far. So, big smiles for this event! Pack up your yogi gear and flock to Bayfront Park, yogis!!

We are wondering if she's giving any classes/workshops in any of the local studios? What hotel is she staying at and can we buy her a drink? We will do some detective work and get back to you.


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