Sunday, August 25, 2013

'Yoga Ruins Your Life' with Richard Freeman

What a relief to know that our life isn't the only one that has been ruined by yoga.

Came across this video on Elephant Journal this morning and wish to share it with you, dear yogis.

After yoga this morning, we were playing our favorite game at Whole Foods South Beach called: Avoiding Eye Contact with People We Do Not Want to Talk To.

What is it about that place that attracts the last. person. you. ever. want. to. see. Ever?

Normally we just hide and wear our sunglasses inside, which causes us to run into things like a blind mouse. But it was raining today, so we couldn't use the sunglass trick. Luckily, we made it out unscathed. That story had no point.

Anyways, this is actually a very beautiful video. Enjoy!

Video below. Ommmmmmmm........


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