Monday, November 3, 2014

LOVE LOCAL: Harpke Family Farm in Dania Beach

This past weekend we were sitting in our booth at Basil Park having breakfast and we couldn't stop admiring these glass vases filled with microgreens. Like to the point that our waiter noticed. We asked where we could buy one and he brought us a business card for Harpke Family Farm. Score.

We immediately commenced stalking them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They seem like our kind of peeps - and they are heavily involved with supplying the goods to Basil Park, our new favorite spot in Sunny Isles Beach.

And now they can be your peeps, too. You may enroll in their CSA program or learn more about them in general here. They have a lecture series. They are inspired. And we are really, really glad they are part of the community and not located way out west or south like most of the good local farms.

Oh, and it gets better... They have bees!! They specialize in micro greens and micro herbs!! AND EDIBLE FLOWERS!!!

You can contact them here -and make sure to because we want to show them some major love!!


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