Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Miami Beach's 11-Year-Old Yoga Teacher


Yoga for kids is nothing new, but there's one class in Miami Beach where the teacher is a kid too.

Amandine Lerner is just 11 years old, and she's a certified yoga instructor.

"Amandine is different than other children," says her mother, Alessandrina Lerner, who's been studying yoga for 10 years.

"I mainly did it to learn more about the body, and how everything's connected," said Amandine, who showed us her certificate from the Yoga Alliance, which makes her a registered yoga teacher.

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Chuck Bluestein said...

That is great to have an 11 year old teaching yoga. She sounds a lot more confident than most 11 year olds. Maybe someday they will do a study and find that kids who do yoga, mature much, much faster. Maybe yoga increases or boosts intelligence also.

I was reading about a woman that was working with kids with autism for years who found that yoga does wonders for them. Since this girl can get high from doing yoga, there is a lot less chance of her doing drugs. I know since I was doing yoga since age 12 and never got into taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

In India, there was an 8 year old boy, Prem Rawat, teaching meditation. In his 50s now, he is still teaching meditation.