Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eat to Live & Live to Eat at Basil Park in Sunny Isles

We've been hearing through the yogi grapevine that there's a place in Sunny Isles that will satisfy both hardcore vegans and meat eaters, alike.

We found this hard to believe. After weeks of hint dropping and nudging to the better half of Namaste Miami, we finally made the voyage to Basil Park last night in Sunny Isles.

Our compass is forever now pointed in their direction.

Raw Vegan options = true. Healthy vegetarian options = true. Options for those who crave the flesh and blood of living creatures = true.

True, true, true. When we say go here now, we mean GO HERE NOW THIS PLACE IS FRICKIN' AMAZE-FALAFEL BALLS!!!

Our haul included the sprouted falafel, tuna tiradito, mussels and local fish tacos. Our cups runneth over with Malbac & a white we can't remember the name of... full menu here.

The bill came out to just over $100 and our booze accounted for half of it. So, reasonably priced if you do not have an unquenchable thirst for the SANGRE DE UVA like we do. Because let's face it, at this point if you'd cut us, we'd actually bleed wine. That's what's running through these yogis' veins!!

This place really is the bee's knees!! What's good out there yogis? Anything new in your vapid lands? Let us know!!

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