Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014 Miami Yogis!

Happy Halloween!! After a real bad experience at the Delano penthouse a few years back that involved a 6 foot blow-up Shamu and a painted on pair of 6-pack of abs, we avoid celebrating this holiday.

Plus, we're fresh off of a session with our energy healer and he told us we've been scaring our inner child - so no spooky times for us tonight.

So while we're home meditating on important, spiritually evolving things, like, "why isn't there a taco emoji?", you can be out doing whatever it is that yoga people do on Halloween.

We aren't sure what that is but we are sure that it will involve LOTS of costumed yoga selfies being posted on the interwebs.

There's cool yoga stuff happening soon. We will post about it soon. Take care now, bye bye then!

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