Friday, July 18, 2014

Say "Adiós" to Synergy Yoga on Española Way...

...and "¡Hola!" to their new location on Alton Road.

It is with a heavy heart and we type with a heavy hand while we come to terms with the news that Synergy Yoga on Española Way will be closing the doors in September. Womp. Womp.

They are being pushed out of their location due to sky rocking rent prices and it is with this that we are shaking our head with disappointment.

You have permission to commence the boycott of Española Way immediately, yogis. 

Something you may not know is that in a past life we worked on the second floor next to Synergy back. in. the. day. when the hostel was still across the street. Many afternoons spent being entertained by the tourists doing crazy things on the balconies.  *le sigh*

The good news is that they will be upgrading their space to a new 2nd floor location on 8th and Alton Road.

From Victoria,
"We invite everyone to share these times of Transformation with us and to say good bye to the center in Espanola way as we embrace our new location. I know we shared incredible moments there, but it is time to move forward and upgrade! Our new location is on 844 Alton Road, and we will be doing an opening in September 8th and a Grand Opening with a Super Celebration on October 1st, everyone is Invited! Our new center has its own Parking in the back, and a Garden for us to gather and mingle in the best Yogic way! Also besides the 2 Yoga rooms and our Healing room we will also have a beautiful bathroom with a Shower. On top of all these wonderful things, we will be serving you fresh Juices , ready after your class! It's a new era at Synergy Yoga with lots of improvements and the same loving and authentic teachers. Changes are not easy but they are always for the better, for sure. Join us at this new location!"

We will keep you posted on details of the new space as they roll out. It is your yogic duty to support them.

Peace, out! 

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Really the end of an era. The new studio sounds lovely though. Glad they were able to find a new space.