Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan: A Worldwide Event

We will commemorate Yogi Bhajan's birthday with a special morning Sadhana at Synergy Yoga Center SoBe. 

The event will begin at 2:40 am and last through the evening, followed by a potluck breakfast this Sunday, August 26th.

Click here to RSVP and for more specific details.

Dearest Jedi,

The words "creating" or "co-creating" your reality from the inside out can be either an inspiring affirmation or cliche depending on one's experience or sense or adventure; hearing the words and having the experience are two different things all together!

There was something strangely compelling about my first yoga teacher, Gurmukh. Was it the be-jeweled turban or the angelic all-white get up? Not really.  It was her presence!  This woman was in her late 60's when I was brought to my first class with her and after doing a couple of Kundalini classes that she taught out of her L.A. home before the world renowned Golden Bridge opened I had to know why this "little old lady" was a good 10 times physically stronger than this young man in his late 20's, me.  Not only was she physically more fit than moi, she was radiantly clear headed and had a presence that boldly & nobly stated, "I Am strong and KNOW who I Am!".  

Yogi Bhajan was her yoga teacher. He was a yoga teacher to countless people that have applied for decades what he unapologetically delivered as yogic wisdom of the ages that you, me or anyone could take or leave.  It was not his interest whether you liked him or not or even if you tooted the Kundalini Yoga horn or not.  His interest was that you be the best you that you could be whoever you were or are.  Either you are or you aren't!

This aspiring Jedi is grateful, very grateful to have come across the Kundalini Yoga wisdom presented to me to take or leave.  Having taken it now for over ten years I now own the experience of "creating or co-creating my reality from the inside out" and definitely have Kundalini Yoga to thank for this.  I'm honored to share, unapologetically, the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and to celebrate with 1,000's of teachers & students all over the world Yogi Bhajan's Birthday this Sunday.  Not only do we celebrate and honor the teacher... we celebrate and honor the teachings!  Applying the wisdom and the experience to be our best and to bring out the best in others so that we're all stronger & brighter together.

Sat Nam

Sincerely In Service,

Yours Truly

Happy Birthday, Yogi Bhajan. Please make sure you RSVP for this event. Namaste.

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