Monday, August 13, 2012

The Down Dog Days of Miami Beach Summer

We owe you somewhat of an apology for our, ahem, hiatus on posting this summer. You know, we've put some things up here and there but if you really read our blog (we know you do) you can probably see our heart, soul and high blood alcohol content just hasn't been poured into it with the same zeal.

Consider it a creative hiatus (re: high-atus)  where we've been recharging our environmentally-friendly batteries. Refer to our Twitter account if you'd like a blow by blow on what we've really been up to.

It's taken three energy healers, an acupuncturist who moonlights as a shaman and a magical silver chariot to get us back in front of the MacBook so that genius may once again spew through our fingertips.

Your kind notes and cessation of hate mail have truly been a breath of fresh air. Namaste.

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