Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome to Hollywood's Yellow Green Farmer's Market

After hearing about the awesomeness of The Yellow Green Farmer's Market for quite some time, we decided to take a trip north this past Sunday to check out the green goods. We were not disappointed.

The market is located off I-95 in Hollyweird (typo - keeping it) just off of Taft Street. The place is ginormous - 100,000 square feet, and houses more than 300 booths offering everything from fresh, local organic produce (amazing) to Romero Britto chachkies (weird).

Upon arrival we received complimentary bright green produce bags, which we proceeded to fill until they runneth over.

Walking in, we were greeted by this familiar guy who we happen to know and chill with on a regular basis (pictured lower right).

What's up, buddy?! What are you doing here??
Heads up - most of the vendors only take cash so make sure you come packing. Otherwise you'll have to use one of the on-site ATM machines that may or may not be working. Also, don't be scared to make a deal. Listed prices are a suggestion, especially if you're buying in bulk. We scored a pretty good deal on some bamboo for our abode.

Come hungry. There is plenty of food to be had here. Everything from fresh smoothies and juices to Peruvian cuisine. We ended up (ironically enough at a fresh, veggie-based farmers market) eating ourselves silly at a Kobe beef hamburger stand. It was delicious and we would 100% Kobe do it all over again.

Come thirsty. Coconut water, fresh squeezed and pureed everything, sodas, water... the list goes on. We were pleasantly shocked at the amount of wines they had available for tasting. Presentation of said wines was even more of a shocker - just open bottles and cups. At first we were skeptical - too good to be true? We must be on candid camera? We didn't take the bait (it was before noon and we do have some standards, albeit low).

It continues to get better. We were having a fun time tweeting complete nonsense like we normally do - and almost instantly Yellow Green Farmer's Market twatted us back - it was almost like we actually had a friend. We almost tossed the coconut water we had just guzzled we were so excited.

Want to join the produce party? In addition to this awesome video, here are the deets:

The Yellow Green Farmer's Market, 1940 North 30th Road, Hollywood, Florida 33021. Phone (954) 513-3990. Email: Open Saturday & Sunday, 8 am - 4 pm.

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