Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day Miami 2012 - It's A Party for Our Planet

Earth Day is this weekend and in honor of our home planet, we've put together a short list of Namaste-worthy events happening around Miami. If you would like a long list, simply Google "Earth Day Miami" and wade through the twenty-nine thousand and two hundred search results for yourself.

Sustainatopia kicks-off this Thursday and in true Miami fashion is taking what should be a day-long celebration and turning it into an entire weekend. We aren't complaining.

The EcoArt Fashion Show on Saturday is what's standing out to us, but you be the navigator of your own ship and click the link to set your own course. There's actually a lot going on there with the whole Earth Day Miami connection but we've had too much wine today to try to really decipher it. Just trust us, we're like Miami's oceanic oracle - we may seem out of it and random but we know how to pick a party.

Moving on. Our perfect Sunday (actual Earth Day line-up) will include:

Earth Day Yoga on The Bay at The Standard - Yup. Here we go again. We throw mad love to The Standard in SoBe. We would bathe in The Standard's sweat. Maybe we have. That party starts at 10 am, so do yourselves a favor and don't even bother going to bed the night before.

From there:

Sunset soirée at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach - Chef Giovanni Arias will be providing a selection of apps, entrées, desserts and specialty cocktails to celebrate Earth Day. Starts at 4 pm and is open to the public. Canyon Ranch Miami Beach is notoriously known as the Fort Knox of luxury health, so accept any invitation you can to get in there.

La Grande Finale:

Piola Earth Day Candlelight Dining -  Reducing their carbon foot print and greenhouse emissions via candlelight dining. Sounds like the fancy way we put it when we don't pay our electricity bill. Either way there's pizza involved, which means it can't be all bad.

Side Note:

If you happen to be entertaining Munchkins this Earth Day (no, silly. not the kind that run around in your suite at the Ballagio in Vegas after you've been up and gambling for three days straight) the real kind. Like CHILDREN. Here is a great rundown of Miami events for the family friendly - via MUNCHKINFUN.COM - oh yeah. Didn't see that one coming, did you? BOOM.

Editor's Note: Be careful Googling "Earth Day" anything! When we were searching for an image to include with our post this came up and we will basically be having nightmares for weeks.

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