Monday, March 19, 2012

Yoga Infused WMC - Spin Shala H20m

We will be here and so should you. This Friday night at The Standard (one of our most favorite places to be in Miami Beach) DJ Marques Wyatt and yoga instructor Courtney Just will tune you into into your musical pulse on your yoga mat. This is basically a guaranteed good time.

Is it just us or does the yoga instructor for this event look EXACTLY like Britney Spears?  

Normally we hide from Winter Music Conference. Not that we're conservative by any means, it's just that everyone is so freaking high it makes us start having flashbacks. Then we start to feel old and end up on mushrooms at some random pool party trying figure out why glow sticks are so amazing and how could we have missed out on them for so long.

See you on Friday.

The Standard Spa, 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, 305.704.3945,


Anonymous said...

I think she's much better looking.

zucast said...

Courtney is an awesome yoga teacher! If you can, catch her at the H2Ohm at the Standard. If not, catch her regular classes at the Green Monkey South Beach. Tuesday and Thursday nights rock with c-roc!