Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Buddha Walks Into a Bar... with Lodro Rinzler

Author Lodro Rinzler will be in Miami next week promoting his book, The Buddha Walks Into a Bar. He will have a signing at Books & Books in the Gables Wednesday night, followed by another signing/party at The Standard on Thursday night.

We thought The Standard party sounded like a pretty decent time ($30 gets you admission for two, a signed copy of the book and 2 Day Passes to the spa) and then this part of the author's bio caught our eye:

"When he left for college he received two heirlooms from his parents. From his father, a mala which he had used to recite mantras. From his mother, her father's flask. He utilized both greatly in the four years ahead."

Sold. Not only do we already love this guy, we think we might be related to him. If we could sum up our college experience in four sentences, those would be them.  More about the book:

"The Buddha Walks into a Bar is a book for those who are spiritual but not religious, who are disillusioned by the state of the world, who are sick of their jobs (and just started last Tuesday), who like drinking beer and having sex and hate being preached at, who are striving to deepen their social interactions beyond the digital realms of Twitter and Facebook."

Unfortunately we can't make it to the event at Books & Books Wednesday night but we will be at The Standard signing. Whoa, two Standard posts in one week. That's a lot of love. We've made some great memories at The Standard over the years and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

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