Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miami Yoga Studio Review: Skanda Yoga

We've taken a few really great classes at Skanda Yoga in the past few months - a few from Ken von Roenn III and one master Dharma Yoga practice from Benjamin Smielowitz.

It's a little too far outside of our radius to go there regularly, but if we were near Brickell, this would be one of our main stomping grounds.

Studio perks - parking is a breeze with the attached garage, there's great vegan restaurant nearby and they have an adorably cute studio dog (Hi Shanti!).

They base much of what they're presenting off of the Mayan Calendar in the Skanda Yoga classes, which we are in no way an expert in. But it is 2012 so something tells us it wouldn't hurt to listen them a little bit harder.

If you're looking for a strong class - we totally recommend the space. And if 2012 is indeed the end of existence as we know it, why not take some classes based on knowledge deriving from a culture that predicted our demise long before we were down dogging in our overpriced yoga tights?

Studio Dog - Love it.

Skanda Yoga, 1800 SW 1st Ave., Ste. 102, Miami, FL 33129, (786) 567-8124,


Anonymous said...

Skanda Yoga is a great studio and a real treat to have here in Miami!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - I teach at this wonderful studio which is a spiritual haven in our fast paced life. Using the energy of the Maya calendar as our spiritual and physical intention for practice brings us into a deep sense of wellbeing - you will be surprised how intone your body becomes and how deep your practice becomes.

If you are keen to know more about the Maya calendar and what is really going to happen in 2012 come to one of my workshops which we are currently scheduling - we will posy on our website soon.

Namaste Heather