Friday, October 18, 2013

Full Moon Friday: Lunar Eclipse Edition

Hello, yogis. Come over here a little closer... Closer...

Tonight, when the full October moon passes into the Earth's shadow you will have plenty of places to park your yogi ass-ana. We've complied a short list of events so you don't have to.

Let's get this full moon party started.

To begin, you can always catch the full moon gathering down at 3rd & Ocean Drive. We don't see any other details on the event other than it is for sure happening. Confirm on their Facebook page if you need extra assurance.

You can be as surprised as we are to learn that the 79th Street Drum Circle still happens. Memories, man. We used to kick it there like a decade ago. Looks like it's been cleaned up quite a bit since we used to frequent the party. Have fun kids!

If neither of those floats your boat pose you can head south to Corpo Yoga for Full Moon Chakra Flow with Mindy Oh. (It rhymes! So it must be good!!)

You know, we hardly ever go to any of these events ourselves. That would involve us actually having to do things like shower and talk to you freaks. So tonight in a offering of reverence to the Lunar eclipse Gods, we will douse our dreads in accelerant, light a sacred flame and sing our song of glory (ritual pictured above).

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