Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We Heart The Special Miami - Lunch Delivered

A few months ago a little birdie at Synergy Yoga clued us in on one of Miami Beach's best known secrets, The Special Miami. Since then, we've been meaning to post about it.

After weeks upon weeks of exercising our well-honed procrastination skills, countless hours spent in procrastinasana, we bring you this:

The Special Miami is a unique lunch service. Daily specials are emailed to you (and posted online) the day before. You reserve by 8 pm. It shows up on your doorstep the next day at lunch time. Simple. Delicious. All of the cool yogis are doing it.

Some of our faves off of the menu are the mushroom and spinach pie, the vegetarian chili (pictured above, which we are totes getting maƱana) and every single sandwich they have ever made.

In addition to being vegetarian, occasionally vegan and all around delicious, The Special Miami gives us something to look forward to. And come on, let's face it - we always have the munchies.

Nom, Nom, Nom-aste, Miami.

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