Monday, December 3, 2012

Rod Stryker: Five Day Miami Intensive on Biscayne

Rod Stryker will be in Miami this week holding a 5-day Master Training Intensive, Dec. 5th - 9th. Click here for info on the full program.

Classes with Mr. Stryker will be open to the public Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. While we wish we could commit to the entire program, we've only been able to put our bid in to get in the Thursday morning class (waiting on email confirmation, fingers and toes crossed).

We've got a few friends that have studied with Rod and from what we understand he's supposed to be incredible.

Provided we get into Thursday's class, we'll give you a full review. Until then, sign up for one of the mornings yourself. Or if you've got the time and funds - go for the full 5 days.

And now, a few words from the man himself:

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