Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Art Basel: YogArt Launches at the Wynwood Walls

Miami welcomes Art Basel to our sunny shores this week.

In addition to tons of packed events, grid locked traffic, zero parking and tiny, overpriced cocktails, we can look forward to YogArt launching this Thursday at the Wynwood Walls.

The event promises to "bring together the nation's best instructors and top musical acts during Art Basel".

So if you'd like to see and be seen this year during Art Basel, dear yogis, this event is for you.

We recommend spicing up your normal yoga wear with some chunky, thick-framed, intelligent looking glasses, maybe some neon leg warmers... Oh, and do something funky with your hair. Wild colors and feathers or whatever the kids are doing these days.

The closest we're getting to this thing is through your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts. But you, Miami scenester yogis, it is your duty to go forth and attend this event. Take ironic photos with your phones and post them to the internets.

So fly, AcroYogis!! Fly away!!!

Catch complete information for the event here - be safe and have fun. We'll come out of hiding next week when the crowd clears. Namaste.

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