Monday, October 29, 2012

October Full Moon Gatherings Happening in Miami

Full Moon Over Miami
We did not drink a half of a bottle of Malbec before writing this post*.

So we took the day off (not like we really work anyway) in honor of tonight's full moon. The windows and balcony doors open, Bhagavan Das cranked up loud in the background, a pot of vegan chili on the stove - life is good.

Unless you'd like to pass out with us behind the dumpsters at the South Beach Whole Foods later, here's where you can party like it's 2012 this evening (in a yogic sort of way):

Full Moon Meditation: The Hunter's Moon with Radha Krishna Lila and Benjamin Smielowitz is happening this evening on the beach at 3rd and Ocean. The weather is gorgeous but chilly for Miami so you may want to bundle up a bit. The event starts at 7:15 and you can RSVP here.

If you don't feel like traveling that far south this evening, you can practice Kundalini at 54th & Collins on the beach at Synergy's new location. I'm guessing our dear, dear friend Sadhu is leading this and am too lazy to text him to ask. So we're just going to make an ass out of you and me and assume it.

If we're wrong just yell at us in the comments below. Namaste Miami relies on a team of volunteer fact checkers that have never once shown up for work. RSVP to the Kundalini event here.

There's a Ceremonia De La Luna Llena happening at Reiki Enlightenment Healing Center. Considering we were too busy studying how to make fake IDs rather than Spanish in college, we really have no idea what this says. Click here to RSVP.

Alright, we've been trying really, really hard to get out and actually take some classes. Hopefully we'll see you around very, very soon. If you have something you think would be a good post, please email it to us. We're actually very, very friendly.


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