Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Morning Meditations: Wandering Mystic?

During my early morning meditation sessions on the beach, as the sun starts to rise over the ocean and the waves begin to crash onto the beach, it is not uncommon for me to open my eyes, look around and realize I am surrounded by crazy homeless people.

Welcome to Miami Beach. For the most part we all ignore each other and do our own thing, and I'm learning that is the unspoken rule of sunrise in bum culture.

Occasionally a random drunk stumbles to the sand and passes out on the shore (amateur). The sand grater drives around him in the tractor and life goes on.

This morning when I came downstairs to do my thing, I noticed a yogi on my turf who's morning practice was so interesting, I couldn't tune in to the Bhagavan Das I was blasting into my skull.

I'm still not certain if this guy was having a seizure or practicing some advanced form of Kundalini. Was he a homeless crazy or a wandering mystic? Maybe both.

Let's just say that it is safe to assume that anyone who jumps up from meditation, takes off their pants a little, grabs a magical staff and slams it into the ground THEN begins gyrating to the ocean is my kinda yogi.

While I did enjoy the show, I'm hoping he's temporary on my territory because he is way too distracting. I was a little apprehensive about filming him too much because I had a feeling he may grab his staff and stab me with it. The good gyrations happen toward the end.

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