Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrate Independence Day Miami!

So many, many things to celebrate this Fourth of July in Miami. More than just an excuse to post this insanely awesome photo of what we can only assume are Namaste Miami readers spelling out the name of our dear city under the firework-lit beach, the Fourth of July is...

<insert something patriotic and meaningful here>.

Plus, summer is our favorite season in Miami for obvious reasons. The ocean is like a warm bathtub (all the better for peeing in). There are less tourists. Traffic doesn't make us any form of "-cidal", whether it "homi-" or "sui-".

So, without further adieu, Miami, on this July 4th, how do we love you? Let us count the ways.

For starters, we can still do yoga for free at Bayfront Park. It's nice to remember the good old days of Bayfront Park Yoga... you know, before everyone and their mother became certified yoga "teachers". This Wednesday (July 4th) the free class at Bayfront starts at 9 am. BYO yoga mat, water bottle and whatever else you think you'll need. Get full details here.

Later, make your way to Segafredo on Lincoln Road. In honor of our nation's celebration, the theme of the evening will be a Tribute to American Rock Stars. Two words of advice which you must follow if you head to Segafredo - Espresso Martini. We have spoken. Click here for more info.

As you make your way into the evening, all you really have to do is step outside to enjoy a free firework show in paradise. For specific details on where to watch the action, click here. For a more complete list of events that we are too lazy to attend (via you could also click here.
And what would a post like this be without us paying homage to the Grand Poohbah of Adult Playgrounds, The Standard Miami. Oh, yeah. Here we go - again.

This time it comes, not in the form of us locking ourselves out of our flooded hotel room in nothing but a bath robe at 4 am, but in the form New York yoga teacher, April Martucci

Martucci's workshop begins Wednesday morning and her classes will be open à la carte to us Miamians. Complete workshop details can be found here and you can learn absolutely nothing more about her here in this YouTube video.

Moving on. What were we talking about? Ah! Celebrations. Reasons for celebration during these glorious summer days of Miami...

Perhaps the long overdue exodus of this stain on the Miami yoga scene? 

And that's a wrap.


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I love Fourth of July in Miami.