Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The House of Yoga - A Hidden Gem (In the Rough)

The House of Yoga, Miami Beach, FL
I was still half asleep this morning when I stumbled upon a link for The House of Yoga in Miami Beach.

How did I ever miss this place? The website was pretty cute and when I clicked "Contact Us" I was surprised to see they were actually located in my neighborhood. What? I slipped on my flip flops, poured a cup of coffee and went for a walk to 77th & Abbott Ave. to investigate.

Just off of Collins Ave. on the east side of Abbott Ave. is a really cute, two-story building you can't miss.

When I stepped into the hallway, the place reeked of yoga - in a good way (yoga people, you know what I'm talking about). Deities and New Age paintings lined the entry way, the smell of incense and that vibe that can only be experienced, not described - but there was no sign for The House of Yoga. From what I could tell it was just an apartment building.
Main Room, Holds about 10 - 15 people

Knocking on the first door to my left, I was greeted at the door by Tuba Oguz - a very friendly yoga instructor who was waiting for her morning class. She told me the space had been open for about a year and a half and that she had just started teaching there. We chatted about some other local studios and teachers, I took a few photos and was on my way.

The place looks like it can hold 10 - 15 students and there was also a very charming outdoor patio that I didn't have access to, but was able to snap a picture through the window.

Click here for a slide show of The House of Yoga.

Outdoor Garden Area
Overall the place was really cute and clean. I really wish I could have gotten outside to take a closer look at the garden area.

This seems like a real hidden gem - check it out for yourself:

The House of Yoga
Miami Beach, FL

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