Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Down Dog Days of Miami Summer 2014

We were sitting in meditation this morning and suddenly we began to hear a ringing in our left ear followed by a slight metallic taste in our mouth. Was this a sure sign of enlightenment? Maybe. A stroke? More likely.

Or, maybe it's just what happens when it's 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside with 95% humidity and a heat index that will make your face explode. Otherwise known as - Summertime in Miami.

In true Namaste Miami fashion, we have top secret, highly exclusive events and happenings for you to be in-the-know about. Otherwise known as - closing our eyes and throwing a dart at our Facebook event invites. (It's a highly selective process.)

Anyways, we've just returned from a nice, long vacation on the exotic beaches of the Jersey shore and are now back in full force! Happy hour at Doraku? Sure!! Sunday meditation at 1111vibes?? Yes, please!! Hilarious anecdotes of our hijinks?? ABSOLUTELY!!

Be in touch, yogis, and may the force be with you:


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