Thursday, June 19, 2014

Send 'I Love Yoga' Your Selfies & Win $100 in Yoga Gear

Great news, yogis! You now have a tangible, legitimate reason for all of those yoga selfies taking up space on your iPhone - so listen up!

I Love Yoga brand has issued an official call for yoga selfies. Not only can you score a chance to appear on their homepage but you also have the opportunity to win $100 in I Love Yoga gear!! Sweet!!

We love 'I Love Yoga' for many reasons. Let us count the ways:

1. They are local

2. They have been around for as far as we can remember in Miami (at least 10 years?)

3. If we're not mistaken, they once toured the country on a bus that ran on used cooking oil

4. They do a lot of charity and are always giving back in various ways, including a percentage of sales.

5. They are just all around good yogis, like, the kind we should all aspire to be

Here's how it works: Email your photos to (make sure your selfie has an 'I Love Yoga' item visible in the photo) and VOILĂ€ you are entered to win! 

P.S. We weren't kidding about the bus thing:

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