Thursday, January 17, 2013

WORKSHOP: Bienvenido a Miami Dice + Brihony

We would like to give a sandy, warm welcome to Briohny Smyth & Dice Iida-Klein to our sunny shores this weekend - they'll be giving workshops and master classes from South Miami to Midtown, all the way to Miami Beach.

We LOVE Dice's classes on - it's kinda weird because in a way we feel like we already know him. Not to mention Briohny, who's Equinox yoga video incited yogi envy/outrage across the globe.

Nice to see some great teachers making the pilgrimage down here to pop Miami's incestuous yoga bubble. FRESH MEAT!!

Planning to catch the Friday class in South Beach - click here for more info on the who, what, when and where. Have fun, stay safe and party on, Miami Yogis.

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