Monday, June 18, 2012

New MC Yogi Album 'Pilgrimage' Available on YogiTunes

MC Yogi's newest album 'Pilgrimage' is available for download - we've been waiting for this one for a while.

We're going to let this press release do the talking this morning as our brain has yet to start working.

And we quote:
“This record is the soundtrack to my journey to India, circling the sacred mountain Arunachala in the heart of Tamil Nadu, and discovering the intricate root system of yoga,” Yogi says, eyes gleaming, as if casually describing the recipe to a funkified cocktail made of time and incense and God.

“It’s a sonic trip, a journey toward the Self, toward what the yoga masters call the Supreme Soul,” he adds, as chaotic street sounds of India blast through the speakers, mixing with madhouse beats, old-school turntable scratches and oh my Shiva those horns, with Yogi effortlessly rhyming over it all, and all of it so hook-laden and sun-blasted you can’t help bobbing your head and aching to find a dance floor somewhere, preferably one with lots of Nag Champa and chanting.
Funkified cocktails, sonic trip, sun-blasted, Nag Champa. We're in. Download is available here from YogiTunes.

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