Thursday, June 14, 2012

Michael Stone: Awake in the World & Kickin' It in SoBe

According to the Kindle we are 16% of the way through Buddhist, Yogi and Psychotherapist Michael Stone's latest read, 'Awake in the World'.

According to our calculations we have t-minus 19.5 hours to finish the final 84% of the book before he begins his weekend workshop at Miami Life Center.

If a full weekend is too much of a commitment, you can enter à la carte for $40 a session - a small price to pay for a fling to flirt with fully experiencing the here and now.

Considering that it feels like this is about how far we've come in our practice, we'll prob drop in for a session or two.

From what we can see the workshop isn't sold out yet so drop in or give MLC a call to find out about availability. If you wish, go deeper into the Centre of Gravity.

Click here for more details.  

Don't forget that Saturday is also the beginning of the OM THREADS yoga event series, so it's going to be a serious spiritual party at Miami Milf Life Center all weekend long. Be there or be square. Namaste.

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