Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summertime in Miami Beach + Free YogiTunes Beats

If you follow our Twitterfeed (which we know you do)  you've seen the love being thrown at YogiTunes - an online music mecca for yoga beat enthusiasts.

Seriously, if you haven't checked out their site yet, stop reading right now, follow this link and sign-up to start receiving free dope downloads and access to an entire universe of yoga tunes.

There are very few things worse than a yogi or yoga teacher with stale tracks, so please do everyone a favor and refresh your playlists.

This afternoon we got stranded in a torrential downpour at the Whole Foods in SoBe - a clear indication that summertime is once again upon us in our sunny (and now stormy) city.

In honor of our favorite season, when the tourists leave and us locals have the beaches all to ourselves, we're running some pretty awesome promotions. We've already offered you 25% off of all the funky, fresh gear at Funky Yoga - just for paying their showroom a visit.

By now you should be hearing the distant sound of a special YogiTunes Miami playlist in the distance... just for you dear reader. That one is happening in the very near future. And just think - it's only May. We've got four more moths of summer to blow. your. mind.

Yogis don't be shy - send us an email if you have any cool events/classes/workshops happening - Namaste Miami totally takes submitted content (and friendly, ethical bribes*).

We captured the downpour at Whole Foods earlier today while trying out a new app on our iPhone to see if we could post video directly to the site... didn't work out so well. But you can enjoy it now. Namaste!

*Yeah, even we couldn't keep a straight face while typing that one out.

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