Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BUMMER! - Jai Uttal Cancels Miami Appearance

Bummer! We just received word that Jai is sick and will not be coming to Miami after all. It looks like The Mayapuris are still coming to town and putting on their show. Not sure about Daniel Paul. Here's the word from Synergy:

Dear All:

Unfortunately Jai Uttal is very sick and he can NOT COME any more to Miami. He also canceled all the other events he had on the west coast. We send him love and put a prayer for him to feel well soon.

We would like to know if you still want to come for Sunday with the Mayapuris Kirtan!
They are truly amazing and full of Shakti. They had being doing Devotional singing since babies*
Please check their website for the complete info:
Take a moment to watch their video!

In case you decide to come still the price will be reduced to $50 only.

In case you decide not to come we will refund your money, minus $3.50 for processing fee.

We really hope you can come and honor the art of Kirtan, the power of mantra and the love for Bhakti yoga.

Please we need your reply URGENT so we can let the Mayapuris know the show is still on!

Thank you and hope to see you Sunday!

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