Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Develop Your Psychic Powers with... Who?

Dwarkananda - aka Juan Meza
Swami Dwarkananda is going to be in town this weekend, first giving a workshop on developing your psychic powers at Books & Books in the Gables on Friday night, then doing a workshop at Rina Yoga.

I received an email about the Books & Books workshop a few weeks ago and it caught my eye that he studied with Yogi Gupta - the same Guru of Dharma Mittra. Seriously considering going, I googled Dwarkananda.

Nothing comes up on him. No prior workshops before Miami, the only other thing I came across was an upcoming teacher training in Tampa in August. Who the heck is this guy?

When I went to link to the calendar post from Books & Books, the URL gave it away:


AHA!! Juan Meza. Google stalking "Juan Meza Yoga" answered my question. (You have to throw "yoga" in there because "Juan Meza" is also the name of a famous boxer). Anyway, my dectective work stopped there because that's about as long as my attention span is today. Google results here if you'd like to learn more.

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