Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Om, Namaste, 1Ness and Now: Gear as Art

Lyrics Cork Block - Namaste, $30
Say Namaste to Manduka's New Lyrics Collection. Very cool, artist inspired yoga gear. I'm in the market for a new yoga towl and I'm putting these at the top of my wish list. (The last one I bought felt like sandpaper and these ones are SUPER soft.)

We're gearing up (literally) for Wanderlust at The Standard, which begins tomorrow afternoon. A few of us will be there covering the event so stay tuned to the homepage and Twitter for live blogging action!

Learn more about Manduka AFTER THE JUMP!

Founded in 1997, Manduka was built on the simple idea that a better yoga mat can make a world of difference. Manduka strives to support and enrich the yoga community by providing premium quality mats and products while respecting employees, customers, materials, and the environment.  Created for and by yoga enthusiasts, Manduka's technical and purpose-driven product designs meet and often exceed the distinct needs of all practitioners.  Today Manduka's products, which include yoga mats, towels, yoga straps, water bottles, and bags, are sold in more than 35 countries around the world. Not only focusing on superior design, Manduka also promotes their ethos of quality, thoughtfulness and sustainability in all realms of their business.

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