Thursday, February 27, 2014

1111Vibes & Crystal Sonic Yoga at The Standard

Good Afternoon. We are writing to inform you that this Friday night at The Standard Hotel you are invited to experience Crystal Sonic Yoga where you will be experiencing some seriously awesome vibes.

No, we're not referring to your off-key OMMMs, dear yogis. It's 1111Vibes' Andrew Clark and his magical singing bowls. Let us explain.

A few weeks ago we wandered into his studio tucked away behind the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage. We had booked a private session and weren't sure what we were in for.

Advice: if you can book a session with him do it like NOW. There are no words to explain the gravity of how amazing it was. A truly alchemical trip.

At one point while we had a giant crystal bowl resting on our stomach and vibrating like crazy we had a clear thought, "What if this thing explodes and impales us on the table? Will we be the first yogi to die by singing bowl?!?!?" followed by another clear thought that was, "Get it together yogi!! Maybe you shouldn't have vaporized before coming to this session you paranoid freak!!"

We survived and are a better yogi because of it. Go to the class on Friday and then hit up 1111Vibes studio for their weekly scheduled classes. Full class schedule here. We won't be at The Standard on Friday but we'll see you in the Sound Bath on Sunday... we'll bring the munchies :)

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