Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Buddha Hidden Reiki Circle at Synergy SoBe

Namaste Miami Yogis.

There is no point to this post other than the fact that we really wanted to post this awesome photograph. Look at him. He's so happy. Why is he smiling?

Why is there a chopstick poking out of that aloe plant? To hold it up, of course. It's like a giant aloe vera monster.

And we wanted to bump the YogaAid post down. It's SO over.

So, what's good tonight? Well there's a Reiki circle happening at Synergy on EspaƱola Way that we thought we were going to but after searching online we can't find the link to it?

A secret Reiki circle? Maybe. Invitation only? Not sure.  We'll have to do some more research and keep you posted on our Twitter account. Or if you know the details, let us know in the comments below!! WHEE!!!

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