Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sketchy Studio Commercial - What's Going on Here?

Aauuummmm, what exactly is going on here?

Sometimes people send us stuff to post. Sometimes we post it. This one was passed onto us and definitely has us confused.

We're not too sure of the intention behind this "commercial" from Synergy SoBe, but we are pretty sure that these chicks want to show us their "OM" faces.

Did they sneak into the studio to film this thing? What exactly are they advertising? None of the studio's teachers are represented? And is that one chick wearing a shirt that says, "Eat The Red"?!?!

Wow. We thought we were offensive. Hats and yoga pants off to you, Synergy Yoga.

See it to believe it - Enjoy! 

Synergy Yoga South Beach Miami Florida Film Commercial by KAPGUN MEDIA from Kapgun Media on Vimeo.

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